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Make your body and mind really feel like home. We’re here to give you the keys.

We’re here to heighten your sense of normal.
Lift you upwards, extend you outwards, engage and connect you with yourself. Open you to a more flexible and energized way of living. No matter what you’re doing, we want to optimize your everyday performance.
Helping you recover from the symptoms of everyday life and discover your true self.

Resetting you to be your best.
Outer Reach.


The OR Stretch Method is designed to activate your muscles. Our engaged bodywork helps you get a deeper, more effective stretch. The work that you put towards increasing your mobility and flexibility will have the added benefit of sculpting, elongating and toning your muscles as you engage them to stretch.

The Outer Reach Method employs stability to increase and support mobility, strengthen your core engagement and encourage muscle to bone connection, deepening your access to your own strength.

We strongly believe in giving you the tools to learn about your own body, and allow for more specific awareness of the physical choices you are always making, just living your life - standing, walking, sitting, waiting for the train, exercising, all of it.

This method is about so much more than stretching. The term Stretching is great shorthand for what happens here, but this is stretching, as well as core strengthening, postural alignment and functional mobility training.

Stretch Benefits

Create Space

We help you create space in your joints to improve overall functional movement and mobility

Better Posture

Postural alignment is at the center of everything we work on together

Increase energy and focus

Improved circulation and increased blood flow from stretching will energize your body and mind

Improve Circulation

Stretching improves circulation by increasing blood flow to your muscles. Better circulation helps the body recover faster.


Toni Melaas is Outer Reach's stretch expert and method architect. With over two decades of experience combining her study of multiple somatic methods into a rare ability to access and address a client’s specific needs and goals, Toni created the Outer Reach Method to share her experience with a wider audience.

Toni’s mentors and inspirational teachers include Sherry Saterstrom, Barbara Mahler, Irene Dowd, Elena Brower, Zhenga La Rosa, Alexandra Beller, Jackie Villamil and Gerald Casel and each and every student with which she has had the singular pleasure of working.

Toni has spent a 19 year career as a professional modern dancer and actor on stage and screen, touring over 15 countries and extensively in the US and 18 years at the helm of Hatch NYC, a mobile wellness concierge business tailoring her unique perspective and skill set to create individualized wellness programs. Her highly successful clients hail from a variety of fields including film, theater, music, finance, fashion, politics, publishing, medicine, mental health, philanthropy, and academia.

Through Outer Reach as well as Hatch, Toni trains teachers to translate their varied somatic educations into specific, guided wellness programs to transform their clients physical and postural health and also their understanding of how to maintain the transformation and keep growing.

Toni’s education, with a focus on holistic and therapeutic applications, combined with her love of movement, through yoga and Pilates certifications and her study of Dowd, Klein, Bartinieff and Body Mind Centering, has made her a valued and respected resource in holistic transformation. Toni first began digging into the transformation possible in our bodies, minds and hearts with pregnant parents to be, post natal bodies and through fertility work. She continued to unearth the power of this work serving clients with hip and knee replacements, sciatica, spinal stenosis and scoliosis. Six years ago, Toni became a proud mama herself and reconnected with the magic of pregnancy that originally inspired her to transform her teaching out of the studio and the gym.